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I am in favor of balanced growth near transit hubs that support the city, its businesses and residents. I do not support developers whose plans put their priorities above our residents. And, with limited space in our city, we do not have the infrastructure to support the large projects planned for District 2. With large projects come increased traffic and inadequate parking. We need to choose our projects carefully while still maintaining open spaces like the Heritage Orchard and our parks .

 New office buildings should have a 1:1 ratio of office/retail to residential space.


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I'm most concerned about the Civic Center project. The favored scenario by the current council could cost upward of $400 Million and would put the city $150 million in debt. It is also enormously out of scope and scale. A new City Hall  is not necessary to accommodate growth.  Due to COVID-19, the City Finance department projects a sharp decrease in revenue in the next four years. Can the city really afford a new Civic Center?


I favor a smaller project that utilizes some of the existing buildings. This saves us money while providing the growth we need.  There is no reason for us to try and compete with San Jose on who can build the biggest city hall.

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The safe routes to school program is a wonderful program. We need to expand it immediately. This program will create more opportunities for safe bicycle and pedestrian use. I believe we can work even more closely with the district and our public safety officers to make things better. We need to make this a top priority.


We need to look at high tech solutions to help solve this problem  We also need to make sure that new developments include a look at necessary infrastructure for public safety. This is something we need to add to the approval process for development.


I support increased developer fees to pay for the increase in fire and police resources.  I do not support "defunding" Sunnyvale's Public Safety department.

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