An independent  voice standing up for Sunnyvale--A vote for me is a vote for you.

As a technology executive, attorney and former school board president  I have the skills and experience to help our city navigate through a series of tough choices. Because I'm not taking any PAC, developer or corporate money I'll be independent and willing to make decisions based only on my best judgement-- not the political considerations of special interests.

I've lived in Sunnyvale for over 9 years and served as the Chair  and Vice-Chair of Sunnyvale's Housing and Human Services Commission and chair of the Building Appeals Board. 


My wife teaches Sunnyvale students as a teacher at Santa Clara High School. I'm also fortunate to have many nephews, nieces and in-laws who live in our city. I've been living in the South Bay off and on since 1978.


Our city faces a number of important challenges. Foremost among them is finding a way to maintain and improve our current city services and quality of life while managing growth and the interests of our residents. We are living through a crucial moment in Sunnyvale's history and the choices that we make now will have impacts for years to come and shape what the city will become.  I'm committed to ensuring that Sunnyvale remains a great place to live. I have the skills, knowledge of our neighborhoods and independent judgement to do what's right for our city and District 2. 





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Josh Grossman for Sunnyvale City Council District  2, 2020 FPPC#1428318