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Josh Grossman

for Sunnyvale City Council District 2 2020
 Working  for YOU in DISTRICT 2

An independent and thoughtful voice for



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A voice for you !

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Josh Grossman for Sunnvale City Council 
404 A Wilson Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086


August 28, 2020

Video Introduction 
Hello everyone,
 Here's a short video that explains why I'm running and what I want to do as a Council Member. 

July 15, 2020

Dedicated COVID-19 Testing Site for Sunnyvale
I believe we need a dedicated COVID-19 testing site for Sunnyvale residents that is located in Sunnyvale.  Currently, there is no dedicated site in Sunnyvale that can serve all our residents. Please contact me if you interested in working on this issue.

June 24th, 2020

Josh announces candidacy for Sunnyvale District 2

I'm excited to announce my candidacy for Sunnyvale District 2. The city faces a number of important challenges and I'm confident I have the skills, experience and understanding of our district necessary to get the job done. I am eager to work for YOU in district 2.  

June 20th, 2020
Statement on Justice and Equity

I am committed to a more just society in which government officials are held accountable. I have a proven record of  working to uplift the voices of those who are marginalized in Sunnyvale and I will continue to work for a more inclusive and just city. 


I believe that as a society we have a great deal of work to do. We must seize this moment to make positive change for the future. As a Council member I will do everything I can to see that change becomes a reality. 


June 24th, 2020

Why I'm Running for City Council


I’m running to ensure a good quality of life in Sunnyvale by working for:


  • Responsible development in District 2 neighborhoods

  • Maintaining current city service levels at Fremont Pool and Las Palmas Tennis Center

  • Safe Routes for kids biking or walking to School

  • Less airplane noise for Sunnyvale

  • Better Traffic Management

  • launch a Smart City program that will make our city a role model for the inclusive and effective use of technology to solve a variety of problems from traffic to crime. 


Most importantly, I’m running to represent the people of Sunnyvale and improve the quality of life for Sunnyvale residents. 


I’m only accepting campaign contributions from individuals, and I will accept no money from PACs of any kind.

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