Ralph Kenton - Chair, Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation Commission (For Identification Purposes Only)
Dr. Liang-Fang “Liang” Chao (趙良方), Former Cupertino Vice Mayor and current Council Member
R “Ray” Wang, Past Chair, Current Vice Chair, City of Cupertino Planning Commission
Henry Alexander III, Former Chair and Vice-Chair Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation Commission
Emily White, Member Sunnyvale Housing and Human Services Commission
Fred Kameda, Sunnyvale Resident and Mobile Home Park Activist
Bill Chuan, Member Milpitas Planning Commision
Gail Rubino, Sunnyvale Resident, Secretary, Liveable Sunnyvale
Tony Guan, Sunnyvale Resident, SavemySunnySky Group Founder, Airplane Noise Advocate
Jim DeWilder, Lt Co (Ret), United States Air Force,Trustee Point Arena Union High School District
Bob Gardiner, Trustee Point Arena Joint Union High School District 
Leonard Spencer, Fire Capitan (Ret), Cal Fire past Trustee Horicon School District
Ron Miles, Trustee Point Arena Union High School District
Avi Singh,  Former Vice-Chair, Sunnyvale Housing and Human Services Commission
Holly Lofgren, Community Activist and Chairperson Friends of the Fremont Pool 
Deborah Marks, Founder Sunnyvale Urban Forest Association (SUFA)
Andy Frazer, Past Commissioner, Sunnyvale Sustainability Commission
David Wessel, Former President, Sunnyvale Democratic Club
Judy Pavlick, Founder The Sunnyvale Mobile Home Park Association
Stephen Ginochio, President, Public Employees Local 1, Concord, California

“I have worked with Josh on school boards in other groups dedicated to improving the lives of students, children, adults, and the elderly. There is no better voice for the people of Sunnyvale than Josh. He has the proven courage to stand up to the developers and others who do not have the best interests of Sunnyvale at heart.” Jim Dewilder


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Josh Grossman for Sunnyvale City Council District  2, 2020 FPPC#1428318