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Responsible Growth

I support projects that help alleviate traffic and add affordable housing or amenities.  I'm opposed to large developments that lack adequate parking. 

Safe Routes to School

I'm committed to funding a comprehensive "safe routes" to schools for our kids which create more opportunities for bicycle and pedestrian use.


Airplane Noise

Stop "noise dumping" by other cities into Sunnyvale. I'll fight to make sure we are no longer a dumping ground. 

Private/Public Community Shuttle

I want to work with our local corporations to create a shuttle for Sunnyvale residents.

Maintain Fremont Pool
Protect Las Palmas Tennis Center

I will protect Sunnyvale’s assets like the Fremont Pool and the Las Palmas Tennis Center.


I support a "green building initiative" for all new commercial projects. 

Improving Traffic

I support a "smart cities" initiative for Sunnyvale to improve commute times and traffic.

Civic Center Plan

I am against the plan to build a $400 million dollar Civic Center that would put the city $150 million dollars in debt.



About Me
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I grew up in a family where public service and giving back to the community were a priority. Both my parents were involved in the Civil Rights movement. And it is thru them that I learned the value of community involvement and the importance of working for the rights of the underprivileged and the underserved. 


 I've lived in Sunnyvale for over 11 years and am a long time resident of the South Bay. My wife, whose family are also long time residents of Sunnyvale and the South Bay, teaches at Santa Clara High School. 


I am a technology executive for SuperMicro, a practicing attorney working primarily on pro bono cases, and am a former school board president. In addition, I have served as the Chair  and Vice-Chair of Sunnyvale's Housing and Human Services Commission and chair of the Building Appeals Board.

I enjoy saltwater and freshwater fishing, surfing, am an aspiring BBQ pit master and have survived two open water swims from Alcatraz. I have a particular love for the Chinese language and according to my wife, am "not bad" in Mandarin.

Our city faces a number of important challenges. Foremost among them is finding a way to maintain and improve our current city services and quality of life while managing growth and the interests of our residents. We are living through a crucial moment in Sunnyvale's history and the choices that we make now will have impacts for years to come and shape what the city will become.  I'm committed to ensuring that Sunnyvale remains a great place to live. I have the skills, knowledge of our neighborhoods and independent judgement to do what's right for our city and District 2. 


I am not taking any PAC, developer or corporate money - I am an independent voice. I will make decisions that best serve the city of Sunnyvale instead of the political considerations of special interests.​

Make a difference in your community by supporting Josh Grossman for Sunnyvale City Council District 2 

“I see Josh Grossman as the candidate

who will thoughtfully review new

building projects and only approve

those that make sense for Sunnyvale

— not just dollars for developers.

The City Council needs diverse viewpoints, balancing growth with quality of life; that diversity seems to be lacking today.”

— Ralph Miller,District 2 Resident

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